The Princess and Her Tale

When Charles Lang decided to include Charles Perrault’s “Donkey-Skin” in The Grey Fairy Book, he sanitized several elements: the princess was no longer fleeing from her father, but her adopted father; gold came from the donkey’s ears, rather than more objectionable body parts, and so on.  Even Perrault’s version was softened from other versions: no cut fingers, no blood.

Even softened, the story remains troubling.  And since it contains elements of other, more popular stories — East o’the Sun and West o’the Moon, Goose Girl, and Cinderella — it was easy enough to leave in obscurity.

I’ve chosen to take another look at it in The Princess and Her Tale, just published by Daily Science Fiction.

Labyrinth, Shattering Amber and a tiny bit about Oz.

It’s been awhile since I updated this particular blog, hasn’t it? I blame Twitter.

Anyway, this month I’ve had a few pieces of fiction appear here and there.  First up is “Labyrinth,” a short story about revenge up at Apex Magazine.  Next is “Shattered Amber,” a flash fiction piece about love and amber and other changes, which was actually emailed out to Daily Science Fiction subscribers back in November, but published online at their site in December.

And then, on a very tiny note, a little Twitter story up at Nanoism. It’s so small I didn’t bother to have a title for it. I used to write far more of these little Twitter stories, and then fell out of the habit; it was kinda fun to be back writing these tiny stories again.