Very short fiction (flash)

Note: all of the stories here are under a thousand words.

I also occasionally write bits of microfiction/twitfics. Those aren’t listed here – though they are still somewhere in the vast chaos that is Twitter, if you care to do some deep searching.

Many of the stories here form part of a linked series of fairy tales that is still in (very slow) progress. They all, I think, can be read on their own.

“Further Examination and Capture of Candle Skulls Associated with the Baba Yaga,” forthcoming in Lightspeed, 2023/2024.

Verisya, Daily Science Fiction, July 2022

Finalist, 2023 Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Writing, Short Fiction.

The Apples, Daily Science Fiction, April 2022 (part of the fairy tale series)

Messenger, Daily Science Fiction, February 2022 (part of the fairy tale series)

What To Do After Receiving a Starlit Pearl, Mermaids Monthly, December 2021

The North Pole Workshops, Uncanny, December 2021

And the Tale Unchanging, Daily Science Fiction, November 2021

“Gaming with Death,” 99 Tiny Terrors, Pulse Publishing, October 2021

Somewhens, Kaleidotrope, October 2021

Another beautifully told little tale. SFRevu

It’s a piece about longing, about distance, and about the changing of realities when the truth of a person, an individual, doesn’t seem to move at all. A deep piece, well worth wading into. Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews.

On the Ice of Nix, Nature Futures, September 2021

So you want to reach the witch at the end of the void, Daily Science Fiction, July 2021

Stepsister, in Daily Science Fiction, April 2021

The Heron-Girl, Baffling Magazine, April 2021

A wrenching story about a woman and what she does in the fall, the magic of going to a lake and pulling out a heron-girl….A fantastic read!  Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews.

Coffee and the Fox, Zooscape, March 2021

The Cracks in the Sphere, Daily Science Fiction, February 2021

…packs a lot of story into 354 words. Lela E. Buis

For Want of a DryadCafe Irreal, February 2021

Choices, Daily Science Fiction, September 2020

“Note Left on a Coffee Table,” Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn’t Die, September 2020

I love how the story is a note revealing this setting to someone else….an interesting, complex read, quietly haunting and a bit less heartbreaking than the last story, but still packing a sharp emotional punch.   Charles Payseur.

….you can feel the narrator’s pain as you piece together their history with the mysterious Alicia, between compelling gaps that never get filled. Brandon Crilly, Black Gate. 

The Shifting Cafe, Daily Science Fiction, August 2020

Wings, Daily Science Fiction, March 2020

The Dust That Falls Between the Light, Syntax & Salt, January 2020

Transformation, Afterwards, Daily Science Fiction, November 2019

Sunflowers and Blood,  Automata Review, August 2019

The WolfDaily Science Fiction, August 2019

A twist on Little Red Riding Hood, which I wouldn’t like to ruin. Excellent writing as always.  – Matthew Bennardo

Breaking the EnchantmentDaily Science Fiction, July 2019

Feather TiesDaily Science Fiction, March 2019

Mercy, in Daily Science Fiction, October 2018.

The Ceremony, in Fireside, September 2018. (gender bent fairy tale)

It’s strange and it’s short but there’s a great feel to it, and a creeping dread for me… It’s a great little story, and very much worth checking out! – Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews. 

Recommended, Locus. (Rich Horton reviews Short Fiction)

2018 Locus Recommended Reading List

Memories of Monsters, in Daily Science Fiction, May 2018.

The Sword, in Daily Science Fiction, February 2018.

Pipers Piping, in Daily Science Fiction, December 2017 (Christmas)

A creepy little piece of flash fiction that will make you look at Christmas carols in a whole new way.  – A.C. Wise

“Gingerbread Smoke,” in Typhon: Volume 2, Pantheon Magazine December 2017 (horror; also part of the fairy tale series).  Currently available from Amazon here.

Stealing Tales, in Daily Science Fiction, November 2017 (part of the fairy tale series).

The Witch in the Tower, in Fireside Magazine, July 2017 (part of the fairy tale series).

We Need To Talk About the Unicorn in Your Back Yard, in Daily Science Fiction, April 2017. Humor.

The Lion, in Daily Science Fiction, March 2017 (part of the fairy tale series)

Hundreds, in Daily Science Fiction, December 2016 (part of the fairy tale series).

Souls, in Daily Science Fiction, October 2016 (part of the fairy tale series).

Nine Songs, Daily Science Fiction, August 2016.

“The Game,” in Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix, published by Unlikely Story, January 2016.  Available through Barnes and Noble here, or through Amazon here.

The Forge, Daily Science Fiction, September 2015. (part of a fairy tale series.)

“Sea Dreams,” in Something Rich and Strange: Tales from the Sea, August 2015. A print copy can be ordered from here. Proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Petals, Daily Science Fiction, July 2015. (part of a fairy tale series.)

The Knot,  Pantheon Magazine, January 2015 (non-speculative, for a change.)

The Store, Flapperhouse, December 2014 (horror/weird)  (A print copy of Flapperhouse, Year One, can be ordered from Createspace here or Amazon here.)

Survival, Goldfish Grimm Zine, July 2014 (part of a fairy tale series.)

Beans and Lies, Daily Science Fiction, July 2014 (part of a fairy tale series.)

Undone, Apex Magazine, March 2014 (part of a fairy tale series.)

 Another emotional punch to the gut, but so beautifully rendered that it’s nearly physically painful, but in such a good way.” – Little Red Reviewer

Toads, Daily Science Fiction, February 2014 (part of a fairy tale series)

A Winter’s Love, Goldfish Grimm, December 2013

Seaweed, Daily Science Fiction, August 2013 (part of a fairy tale series)

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Cthulhu, McSweeney’s, August 2013 (humor)

“For a Mortal’s Love,” 16 Single Sentence Stories, June 2013 (this one is very short, more microfiction than flash.)

Shattered Amber, Daily Science Fiction, November 2012

“This story is pure poetry, romantic and speculative, sentimental without being mushy.  7 out of 7 rocket-dragons.” — Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD.

The Agreement, Abyss and Apex, July 2012

Nettles, Scheherezade’s Bequest/Cabinet des Fees, May 2012 (part of the series of fairy tales)

A Different Rain, Daily Science Fiction, March 2012

Sparks, Daily Science Fiction, September 2010

Bonfire and Pearls, Cabinet des Fees, September 2010

Believing, Everyday Weirdness, July 2010

Exile, Everyday Weirdness, July 2010

Shifting, Everyday Weirdness, June 2010

And in its absence, hunger, Everyday Weirdness, March 2010

Singing the Herons, Everyday Weirdness, January 2010

The Ties That Bind, Everyday Weirdness, January 2010

Rumpled Skin, Ideomancer, December 2009 (part of a fairy tale series)

A Twisted Light, Everyday Weirdness, November 2009

Dust, Everyday Weirdness, August 2009

Creation, Everyday Weirdness, July 2009

The Fabulous Life and Terrible Revenge of V. Sandwich, Dog Oil Press, May 2009

The Otter, Every Day Fiction, May 2009

Pogo Stick, Everyday Weirdness, April 2009

Gravestones, Hub Fiction, March 2009

Transport, Everyday Weirdness, March 2009

Remembering Fur, Cabinet des Fees, March 2009 (part of a fairy tale series)

Planting, Southern Fried Weirdness, March 2009

Colors, Everyday Weirdness, January 2009

On the Edge of Breathing, A Fly in Amber, January 2009

The Well, Les Bonnes Fees, September 2008

The Shoes, Every Day Fiction, September 2008 (part of a fairy tale series)

Glass Dancing, Dog Vs Sandwich, June 2008 (part of a fairy tale series)

A Letter To His Imperial Majesty, Aslan, McSweeneys Internet Tendency, May 2008

How to Stew an Alien, Antipodean SF, February 2006

Refrigerator, Susurrus, December 2005

Broomsticks, Cafe Irreal, November 2005

Letter to an Overly Ambitious Alien Chef of the Future, Reflections Edge, September 2005

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