Resistance and Transformation: On Fairy Tales

It’s finally out – my collection of fourteen essays about the French salon fairy tale writers, from Aqueduct Press!

The book can be purchased directly from Aqueduct Press, or from Amazon and other booksellers. From a financial perspective, it doesn’t matter to me who you buy it from or which format you buy. But buying directly from Aqueduct is a bit better for them, so if you can buy directly from Aqueduct, I’d recommend buying from them.

For want of a dryad

So what looks to be a very busy month ahead for me kicks off with the publication of my very tiny tale, For Want of a Dryad, in Cafe Irreal.

Sometimes I’m not entirely sure what inspired a particular story. In this case, however, I can say quite definitely that this entire story came from working in the yard, and trying to make out what, precisely, the trees were whispering in the sun and breeze.