A new story from me up at Daily Science Fiction today, Choices, inspired by my ongoing hatred for the fairy tale of the “Loathly Lady,” probably best known from Chaucer’s retelling in the Wife of Bath’s Tale.

Enjoy! And, while you’re there, maybe consider subscribing to Daily Science Fiction – they just revealed that their subscription revenues don’t cover the costs of paying authors. So without more subscriptions, they might need to close down next year. Gulp.

And the Green Water Waiting

A new story from me out today at Fusion Fragment,“And the Green Water Waiting.”

This was an interesting one to place – largely because nearly everyone I sent it to had a different reaction. Some editors hated the ambiguity. Some editors thought it had a bit too much sex for their particular zines. Some editors thought it was too long. Other editors felt it was far too short and needed to be expanded into a novella.

So I’m glad it found a home at last – with an editor who loved the ambiguity.