The Dragon and the Bond

My story The Dragon and the Bond is now up on Daily Science Fiction’s website.

This was a fun little story to write, mostly, but not entirely, because it has a dragon. As you might have noticed from the title of my blog, I am moderately obsessed with dragons.  Some people would delete the word “moderately” from that last sentence.

2 thoughts on “The Dragon and the Bond

  1. I enjoyed reading The Dragon and The Bond. I read it on Daily Science Fiction and it… It left me quite speechless, to be honest. It was quite confusing at first and I almost didn’t feel the love between them the first time that I read it… Especially at the end when the dragon took her heart, it only left me even more confused.
    But when I re-read it, it was a lot more impacting. That time, I did feel the love and the hesitance that the dragon had when she said it was time…
    Truly one of the greatest short stories I’ve read!
    Awesome and I really want to read more of your works! 🙂

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