Iron Search

A new issue of inkscrawl is up. It includes, among other marvels, my little poem Iron Search, which was loosely inspired by an Italian fairy tale, adapted for children, where the lovely and justly furious fairy Colina tells Lionbruno that he will not see her again until he has worn out seven pairs of iron shoes in his search. I thought that was terribly unfair, and it eventually seeped out into this poem.

Enjoy! And take a look at the other poems while you’re there.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Cthulhu

It’s a double publication day. First, my little flash piece, “Seaweed,” was mailed out to Daily Science Fiction subscribers today (and if you aren’t subscribing, why not? Yesterday’s story was a free bit from Ken Liu! Which, I might add, was not exactly the easiest bit to follow.)

Second, I find myself concerned that not enough of you understand the lurking threat of Cthulhu. So on that note, McSweeney’s and I present some helpful notes: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Cthulhu.