Goblin Fruit has just published my poem, Reversals, along with a feast of other great works in their summer issue. I tend to love this zine more and more with each issue, although of course I’m prejudiced.

This particular poem came about when I was working on something else, about the myth of the spring goddess dying in winter and rising in spring, and the mother goddess who slays her lover in fall and restores him in spring. I just played with the expectations a bit.

The Agreement

My little ghost story, “The Agreement,” is now up at Abyss and Apex.

Amusingly enough, this is the story that almost became a ghost — in the sense that I wrote and finished it in a rush late in the evening, saved it, and flopped over in bed — only to wake up the next morning to find that the computer was dead, dead, dead and I had not followed my usual process of saving a completed story in more than one location.

Getting the story off the dead hard drive was a saga in and of itself, and when I did get it off, I immediately shot it off to Abyss and Apex with absolutely nothing else — by which I mean formatting, cover letter, the usual stuff. Luckily the flash fiction editor liked it anyway, and here it is now, no longer a ghost.