Freddy the Detective

The latest Freddy the Pig entry is up at This one covers Freddy the Detective, which was a really fun book. But you may not be able to read it, because…

…also today, released a small sample of the very last Wheel of Time book, in an attempt to reassure those of us skeptical that we will ever see the end of this series that it really, really, really is coming. Not for months, but still. Naturally this caused the website to crash earlier, so you may experience problems getting to my post.

You think YOU have problems:

In this household, one black and white furry creature is alternating between being pressing against me and being adorable and supportive, and wailing because I will not allow him to go play with the squirrels who have temporarily taken residence on the front porch (zipping between the porch and the red maple as we await the next series of storms), and one small grey furry creature has spent an anxious morning trying to decide: sleep in safety, but without a pillow, behind the TV stand/TV where no one can see her, or beneath the great bed where no one can see her or — or — does she dare continue recent activities, and sleep in the light of the guest bed, after turning on the water in the bathroom sink and failing to turn it off?

Decisions. Decisions.